Horn Player, Brass Educator



my teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy stems from the warm, encouraging, and inspiring teaching methods of my teachers Julie Landsman, Jennifer Montone, and Jeffrey Lang. 

As an educator, my first priority is to give my students the tools to be their own best teacher. By encouraging creative problem-solving and innovative thinking through a variety of methodical approaches, students will have the tools for success in an ever-changing musical environment. Every student is an individual and I consciously make adjustments in my teaching to fit each student’s needs.

The technical tools I provide are derived primarily from Carmine Caruso's musical calisthenics for brass. This method gives a simplistic and natural approach to playing a brass instrument. This allows students to freely think of music unhindered by technique.

The musical tools I provide are based on the phrasing methods of Marcel Tabuteau and the analysis methods of Heinrich Schenker. Using Tabuteau's phrasing method students are given tools to expertly sculpt melodic phrases. Through the practical use of Schenkerian Analysis, I strive to give students the ability to have well-informed musical decisions and to have a deeper understanding of the harmonic language of the repertoire.

In addition to the practical application of these various musical methods, it is my goal as a teacher to foster a community and support system for students. I strive to have my studio be an environment where students can take risks, encourage each other to reach new levels of excellence, and take leadership of their education.

My students are regularly invited to All-County and All-State Festivals and have been accepted to such institutions as Juilliard pre-college.

I have teaching studios both in Manhattan and in Commack, NY. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.