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Drifter, Rockwell Kent (1882 - 1971)

Drifter, Rockwell Kent (1882 - 1971)

Drifter: 21st century nocturnes

My first and upcoming album, Drifter: 21st century nocturnes,is a collection of newly commissioned and arranged works for horn evoking vivid nightscapes. Although not nocturnes in any traditional sense, this album uses the iconic sound of the french horn to paint nightscapes which portray varied moods and scenes from serenity to chaos.

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Composing Home

Composing Home is a collaborative, 6-week afterschool project for children ages 6-12 that will be taking place at The Aquinas Center in Philadelphia in the fall of 2019. The primary goal of the project is to foster emotional self-awareness and expression through music and musical creativity. Participants will learn a variety of musical concepts with a focus on rhythm, range, and dynamics. The project will culminate in applying these concepts through the co-creation of a new piece of music, which will be a musical representation of the participants’ feelings of home and will be paired with Aquinas Center’s new mural titled “Dare to Understand” by Mural Arts Philadelphia. This project is made possible by generous funding from the Connelly Foundation and countless hours of invaluable advisement from the Astral Artists team

Long Island Chamber Music Festival

Long Island Chamber Music Festival is comprised of young musicians of the highest caliber. Drawn from Carnegie Hall, the New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Astral Artists, and several other of the country’s most prestigious musical institutions, the musicians of Long Island Chamber Music Festival are united around a common mission. We work to present interactive performances of the highest quality, bringing engaging new music and approachable, informative programming to diverse audiences on Long Island. Our vision is to help make Long Island a hub for quality chamber music and the creation of new music. We strive to bring classical music to many people in many settings across Long Island, providing enriching musical experiences that can help build an engaged community around chamber music.

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Concerts at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

A passion project alongside organist Alessandro Pittorino, the Arts at Blessed Sacrament concert series was born. For our initial season Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 together, we presented 55 concerts in the varied and unique spaces The Church of Blessed Sacrament. This series takes on a new form for the 2019 - 2020 season in a lunch time first Wednesdays at 1 format.

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Past projects

Art by Emmanuelle Ayrton

Art by Emmanuelle Ayrton


Cityscaping, is the culmination of years of effort by The Brass Project to bring engaging, adventurous new music to a wide audience spearheaded by Eric as founder of The Brass Project and composer, Nick DiBerardino This debut album features several of the thirty-two works we commissioned specifically for our The Brass Project’s first season.

In this commissioning project, we asked our composers to write music they imagined might be performed in a public space, perhaps even outdoors. We also asked that they keep their works short – roughly three minutes in length. The result is a collection of pieces, each roughly the length of a pop song, which proudly displays the diverse voices of contemporary composers from around the world. Our imagined scenario of outdoor performances in civic spaces hearkens back to an era when participation in town bands and other forms of civic music was a central part of American culture.

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